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Decades Of Award Winning Deep Fryer Innovation Experience

Rory C.P. Millikin, Inventor Of The OilGuards

My passion for innovating the deep fryer has spanned almost 2 decades now.  I am the co-inventor of the world’s first low fat deep fryer launched into the home market as The George Foreman Lean Mean Frying Machine and was licensed by one of the largest commercial deep fryer manufacturers.  My patented deep fryer inventions have won some of the most prestigious national and international awards you can receive such as the coveted Kitchen Innovation Award from The National Restaurant Association as well as the Gold Medal For Innovation from HOST in Milan, Italy plus the prestigious American Masters Of Taste Gold Medal for best tasting fried foods. 

But during the endless hours I spent in restaurant kitchens talking to staff and testing my various fryer innovations, what I kept seeing and hearing about were stories (some horrific) about how frequently Essential Front Line Restaurant Workers were getting splash burns and/or slipping in front of the fryer.

So I put on my Inventor Hat and started to analyze the problem.  And you really can’t get better input than from the Front Line Workers who roll up their sleeves and show you the burns on their hands, arms, legs, torsos and faces…many of which are permanently scarring. 



 cooked in the fryer can cause an immediate explosive reaction spitting oil up onto body parts.  This happens daily in many fast food restaurants yet doesn’t get reported because the Front Line Restaurant Workers treat it on site and get back on the line unless it’s one of the very nasty ones and an emergency room visit it required.  These daily oil splashes not only hit the body but they also make it onto the floor as you can see in our video of the first test of fryer oil splash-over onto the floor ever conducted in a major fast food restaurant during only 30 minutes of a normal shift.  As workers tell us in the videos on our site, the floors in front of the fryer can get so slippery that the standard ‘Non-Slip’ shoes often no longer hold traction which is very concerning for overall safety as ‘Slip & Falls’ are the #1 cause of dangerous accidents in the kitchen, many of which occur directly in front of the deep fryers which can cause you to dunk your whole arm into the fryer or serious bodily harm.


That cause the oil to splash back onto the Front Line Worker’s hands, arms and faces.  These are very painful and some of them cause permanent scarring.  Basket shakes also contribute to a significant amount of the oil and product that jumps over the basket and onto the floor as you will also see in our video on ‘Slip & Falls’.


This one you hear over and over again and the results can be truly eye opening.  This is when the infamous ‘Oil Wave’ or ‘Oil Tsunami’ as some workers refer to it as, rushes straight back at them due to the basket dropping from the height of the hanging hook, often with a full load of product.  This can result in serious chest, neck and face burns.  Although in our videos we blur out the brand names on their uniforms, the stories of missing the hanging hook are numerous and come from Front Line Restaurant Workers in the largest fast food chains in the world.

The logical solution to address these serious hazards caused by the deep fryer was to create a barrier between the scalding fryer oil and the Front Line Worker.   Thus, much like a sword handle, a jousting lance or a fencing foil has a guard to protect the user, now so does the fryer basket!

To click on the button and submit your story and pictures if you have them.  It will help us develop the best possible safety products to protect you and your loved ones.