Our Story

FryerGate and The Oil Guard were created out of inventor Rory Millikin's concern about the inherent danger of deep fryers and how they were injuring workers of all ages.  

After spending over a decade in kitchens with other award winning deep fryer technologies that I invented, I was shocked to see that everywhere I went chefs and teenagers working in fast food restaurants had burn marks on their hands and arms...it seemed like they all had them along with war stories about how they got them.  "Why has no one done anything about this?", I thought to myself,  "There must be a way to protect workers, without slowing down the cooking process, from the very dangerous 360 degree scalding deep fryer oil that is exposed like a volcano overflowing with molten lava?!"  After all, fryers are known for being the single most dangerous piece of equipment in restaurants...period.

Well, one day, while watching Scooby Doo with my young kids, there was an episode about a supposed 'witch' that disappeared and reappeared in a cloud of smoke...Scooby and the gang couldn't figure out how she was doing it.  It turns out she was using trap doors...and that's when it hit me: Trap Doors!  And that's how the idea for The FryerGate came about!  It pops on & off the fryer without any screwing or bolting, it doesn't have to be taken off except for cleaning at the end of the day, it doesn't slow down the cooking process by even a second, and it stops objects and body parts from entering the boiling hot oil.  It is so easy to use that my 3 young kids demonstrate it for me all the time! 
The Oil Guard, is another brilliant, innovative technology, that works either as a stand alone safety technology or works with The FryerGate...when the two technologies are used together, they solve the vast majority of all fryer burns!  After talking to hundreds of chefs and teenagers that work exhausting hours in the frantically paced fast food kitchens, I kept hearing the same complaints about scalding oil splashing up and onto their arms literally every day - you see, when you place frozen product into the oil it causes an explosion of boiling hot oil up over the basket handle...or when you shake the basket to move the food around to prevent sticking and 'raw spots', it also ejects oil onto the worker's hands & arms!  Ask any chef or any of your friends that have ever worked around fryers in restaurants and pretty much all of them will roll up their sleeves and show you their fryer oil splatter burns - some are small and painful but others are much bigger and last for a decade or even scar them for the rest of their lives!  It's pretty much universal everywhere you go.
I couldn't believe that no one had solved this significant, daily problem that occurs around the world!  So I started experimenting with different shields and finally came up with The Oil Guard which easily clips on & off of the basket, is good for well over the 360 degree temperature of frying oil and prevents not only these daily oil burns but also reduces the amount of oil that accumulates on the floor in front of the fryer thus helping solve one of the restaurant industry's most serious and sometime lethal problems: Slip & Falls.
Slip & Falls not only can cause serious head, back, arm, shoulder and other injuries including death, but Slip & Falls can also cause the worker to reach out to brace themselves from falling and tragically dunk their hand or arm into the scalding oil and burn themselves severely!  Slip & Falls are the number one cause of serious accidents in the workplace and cost insurance companies over $1.8 billion annually in just the U.S. alone.
Given the serious accidents that fryers cause in commercial kitchens, it is no surprise that when we approached  AmTrust, one of the leading Worker's Compensation Insurance companies in the U.S., that they immediately issued a 5% credit towards WCI for any restaurant that agrees to install The FryerGate. We also have both the CEO and the Chairman of Franchise Risk, an insurance provider for major fast food chains on our Board and working closely with us to bring our product to market. Normally insurance companies take years to issue such a credit for new safety technologies.
Furthermore, third party energy savings by Fisher Nickel, confirms that The FryerGate provides 7% gas saving during idle periods due to a thermal blanket that forms under the trap doors which can add up to significant savings over time. 
This makes the ROI on The FryerGate typically between 2-3 years - if treated properly, The FryerGate can last the lifetime of the fryer itself (over 5 years).  And that's not even taking into account the amount of time and money saved by not having workers & mangers being pulled off the line to deal with burns ranging in severity from minor to ones requiring hospitalization and skin graft surgeries.  
We are very proud to announce that we recently won the National Restaurant Association's coveted Kitchen Innovation Award, 2015, awarded to only a handful of technologies from around the world, which is like winning The Oscar at The Academy Awards!  
We have an amazing team of industry experts striving to make fryer burns a thing of the past!  We even have the former President & CEO of McDonald's, the former CEO of Arby's, and the former CEO of Diner's Club on our Board!  I guess you can say we have come a long way since Scooby Doo! :)
In today's fast paced kitchens, trying to keep workers and our kids safe is becoming more and more challenging, thus I would like to sincerely thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to learn more about our award winning, innovative and revolutionary deep fryer safety technologies.  All of us here at FryerGate really appreciate it.  
Kindest Regards, 
Rory Millikin,
CEO, Inventor and Founder